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Game Engines & Design

Here are some of my most successful game projects built on a code base which I own.

Dolphin Tale - The Movie Game

For this game I used my booya media game engine and designed the entire game experience. All elements were designed in Illustrator and then animated in Flash.

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Feature Image

Yogi Bear - The Movie Game

Here I used my booya media game engine and developed graphics in photoshop and illustrator. All animations were then done in Flash.

HOP - The Movie Game

Using my booya media webcam engine, I built (3) game variations that use your webcam with motion detection. I designed all elements of the game in photoshop and all scripting was done in flash for the game.

Feature Image
Feature Image

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World - The Movie Game

This game uses my booya media webcam engine with fun interactive graphics and sound. All animation was done in flash.

Motion Detection Game In Action

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