Problem: How do we get people to trust us with their money?

As a Senior Product Designer at Acorns, my expertise lies in blending aesthetic vision with practical functionality.

My tenure at Acorns has been marked by significant contributions to both the mobile app and the website, where I have focused on creating user-centered designs that not only attract but also retain users through intuitive usability and engaging interfaces.

I created a scalable design system for acorns.

User Interface (UI) Design:
Mobile App: Spearheaded the complete design of the Acorns mobile app. This involved modernizing the interface with a focus on accessibility and user engagement. My approach included simplifying navigation and implementing a cleaner, more intuitive layout that enhanced user experience.

Web Platform UI Enhancement:
Regularly updated the website’s UI to align with evolving design trends and user expectations. This involved conceptualizing and implementing new design elements, ensuring a consistent and cohesive experience across all devices.

Core functions in my role:


User Journey Mapping:
Conducted in-depth analysis and mapping of user journeys to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement. This led to the development of features like ‘Quick Invest’, which streamlined the investment process for users.

Usability Testing:
Regularly organized usability testing sessions, gathering and analyzing user feedback to refine and improve the UX of both the mobile app and website.

Cross-functional Teamwork:
Worked closely with engineers, marketers, and product managers to ensure design alignment with technical capabilities and business goals. My role included advocating for user-centric design decisions in product development meetings.

Feature Implementation:
Played a key role in the conceptualization and design of new features, such as the ‘Round-Up’ feature, which allowed users to invest spare change automatically.

Mentorship and Leadership:
Led a team of junior designers, providing mentorship and guidance in various projects. Focused on fostering a culture of innovation and continuous learning within the team.

Conducted workshops on design best practices and emerging trends, elevating the overall skill set of the design team.

Product Design

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