Build a savings account from playing your favorite games

 Role: Co-Founder & Product Designer

Gamer’s Wallet:

I took the learnings from Acorns and targeted gamer’s to makes it fun and easy to save through playing their favorite games. My goal was to make sure that the app would be simple to use for both avid and casual gamers and add a new dynamic that can make games more interesting.

I had to once again wear many hats as a startup product designer. My focus was creating a user experience that would allow us to goto market and begin to optimize the product based on quantitative and qualitative UXR data.

I helped scale our product to over 500,000 monthly active users. And I  created over 7 new patents. Here is the core patent for our gamer’s wallet.

Systems and methods for managing electronic interactive gaming-based investments

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Blast 1.0

For the first product release of Blast I came up with a very bright and fun UI that followed the same digital wallet patterns young adults were getting used to seeing in fintech products. 

The challenge I faced was that user’s were getting the wrong message from our marketing and were not coming in to build a savings account. But simply come to earn money from playing games we offered them to try from our partners who wanted us to get install and in-game metrics achieved from our users. I began to re-think our business model and user acquisition strategy and worked with my team to make changes to how we positioned the product.

Blast 2.0 

After extensive research into top games and how they allow partners to access their game API, I found a new solution that would give us access to top branded games we could partner with to bring them new users and achieve specific in-game metrics. A game company will pay Blast $2 per install and $6 for each user that unlocks level 4, etc.

I was able to find a series of companies like appsflyer, tune, adjust that all had the same game partners in their pipeline and access to in-game API events that we could intercept from our Blast backend.

I worked closely with our Engineering team to develop an Event capturing system that processed over 1,000,000,000 events daily from games as triggers we would intercept and allow users to build a saving account. The 2.0 launch provides a way to save money by playing mobile games, based on in-game triggers set by the user. Example would be $0.10 for each enemy destroyed would trigger that savings amount into my Blast wallet from my connected checking account.

It’s tough for most people to save money, so we created Blast to help people start accumulating wealth simply by doing what they already enjoy – playing their favorite games.