Personal finance app that encourages positive decisions and provide guidance to improve financial security.

 Role: Product Designer

Startup Co-Founder:

The original app was called Medean and was built to showcase the technology stack under the hood. The app allowed for you to compare your spending habits to others with similar spending patterns from a data base of 400,00 users. I joined the team as co-founder focusing on creating new design systems and features that would allow for a bigger re-branded launch.

In my work with the team, I had the chance to analyze a number of app features, looking at both what currently exists and where we could make improvements. My goal was to develop visual elements that would significantly upgrade the user experience, while also creating new challenges for app users to save money. Through this close collaboration with the team, our app quickly became a sophisticated yet user-friendly app for savings.

Here is the first re-brand of the app and features that I completed.

User Flow Diagraming

Score 2.0 

The app’s core feature was a financial health score which would be presented to the user in the app itself. I recognized that the user experience could be drastically improved by revamping the current score graph. Rather than being flat and stale, the new design was vibrant and informative. By providing an aesthetically pleasing graph, I hoped to encourage users to share their scores within their friend circle, thus leveraging word-of-mouth marketing for our product.

3.0 Re-Branded App + New Features

As a startup it was imperative that app onboarding was completed quickly and efficiently. To accomplish this, I conducted numerous UX research studies to identify the optimal user experience (UX) patterns for each of our app’s primary flow sequences. Through thorough and deliberate experimentation, I was able to gain valuable feedback from users which enabled us to develop optimized UX workflows and provide a smooth and intuitive app onboarding experience.

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Qualitative UXR Study

App 3.0 Screens