Hi, I'm Jason Martell

Senior Product Designer

About Me

Former Sr. Product Designer at Meta focusing on architectural design and transition from 2D to 3D experiences creating bridges to the Metaverse.

Shipping products is great, but what I find even more meaningful is helping others grow. I offer mentorship to newcomers in the field trying to get their first designer job, and those switching careers into UX.

Design is a team sport. I help translate business strategy into product roadmaps by facilitating collaborative, in-depth conversations with XFN, as well as liaison with engineers to design a great experience.

Here is a glimpse of some of the design thinking workshops I have led to uncover answers to challenging problems and inform product vision – ranging from design sprints to co-creation workshops, customer journey mapping, and more.

Efficient communication is key to productive and fulfilling relationships in a workplace; I walk that talk. Here is what some of the XFN I have worked with say about my collaboration style and communication.

Case Studies

Here are a few highlighted case studies from my work as a senior product designer.


Here are some examples of strategy thinking around product design.

McDonalds: Drive Thru Experience
Cricket Wireless: Mapping High Objectives
Facebook Videos: Mobile Experience
Evolus: Patient Intake


Here are some examples of product design I have designed in the recent years.

Custom Built Ai App

I designed and outsourced creating a fully responsive ChatGPT App with Voice Ai.


Here is the updated version of my resume, feel free to have a look.

Innovation Product Design

Reach out to discuss your project or role 👍😎🧐

I always enjoying hearing about new opportunities, so please drop me a line and say hello.