TV and Tablet App Experience For DreamWorks

I worked closely with product managers, engineers, and other stakeholders to ensure that the product design aligns with the overall product strategy and meets business goals.


I embarked on an exciting journey to revolutionize the digital world with a 2-screen tablet and TV experience. My goal was clear: merge the tablet and TV into an interactive duo that would change how people engage with content. This vision led me to gather a diverse team of engineers, UX designers, and content creators. We brainstormed tirelessly, fueled by endless coffee and a shared passion for innovation.

The key breakthrough was our ‘Interactive Sync’ feature, enabling viewers to access additional content, engage in games, and participate in social discussions on their tablet while watching TV. Despite initial challenges, including clunky prototypes and mixed user feedback, we persisted. We refined our designs, improved software integration, and created a seamless user experience with intuitive gestures and voice commands.

The product launch exceeded our wildest expectations, turning our dual-screen experience into a cultural phenomenon. Leading this project, I learned the invaluable power of creativity, perseverance, and collaboration. It was not just about designing a product but igniting a wave of innovation in home entertainment.

User Research:

Here is the research I performed to understand the audience and how they might use the product.

User Experience Testing:

The results from my UX tests provided deep insights in user actions and perceived value of features in the experience.

  • 14% used on-screen controls.
  • 33% used hardware controls.
  • 40% used a combination of both.

UX Recommendations:

Based off the feedback from the research from my UX studies, these are the areas I was able to identify had the most impact on the user experience.

Design Guidelines:

I defined a complete set of experience wireframes to explain how key areas of the system will work and the UI actions across the experience.

Final Designs:

Here are the final parts of the UI and tablet experience I created in Figma and worked with Enginnering to implement into Tablet and TV interface UI,

Product Design

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