I designed a TV app that focused on consistency making sure design elements work together.

As a Senior Product Designer at DreamWorks I lead the product design process researching user needs, developing user personas, creating wireframes and prototypes, and designing user interfaces for DreamWorks’ products.

I Collaborated with cross-functional teams to work closely with product managers, engineers, and other stakeholders to ensure that the product design aligns with the overall product strategy and meets business goals.

I also mentored and coached junior designers providing feedback on their work, and helping them to grow their skills.

I focused on attention to detail.

I designed the app to be visually appealing but not distract from the content. I used a few primary colors and shading of those colors to create contrast and depth.

I also used a consistent size, shape, and placement of buttons throughout the app to make sure the buttons are easy to read and distinguishable from other elements of the interface.

Product Design

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