EV concept UI built as a modular and scalable componentized system

 Role: Product Designer

EV Concept UI

After a thorough review of the project requirements, I established a plan to create a dashboard-centric user interface concept with maximum potential for adaptability. Through careful consideration of different aspects such as color, layout and scalability, my goal was to design a UI that could be customized to suit different users’ needs. By providing this level of versatility, the dashboard would remain stylistically consistent without sacrificing individual branding. Ultimately, it was my role to ensure the UI concept created was both visually appealing and functionally adaptive.

To better understand the user experience, I worked with UXR to create qualitative UXR studies conducted in-car using the new dashboard UI to analyze reactions from several key flows. This enabled me to assess the dashboard and how it impacted the overall user experience. We collected data that was used to identify areas where slight adjustments would result in a more favorable outcome, such as changes specific to easy-to-find drivers’ features and customer satisfaction. Doing so enabled me to enhance and refine our dashboard UI accordingly, ensuring it provided an optimal user experience that met our customer satisfaction goals.

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