I designed a set of apps to help people connect with a medical expert.

As a Product Designer at Evolus I was responsible for designing user-centric products that are intuitive, engaging, and meet the needs of our customers.

I worked closely with cross-functional stakeholders to ensure that they align with the product vision.

Loyalty and payment app

I designed user interfaces and experiences for Evolus products, including the flagship product, a cloud-based medical booking platform.

I conducted user research to understand user needs and preferences, and use this information to inform design decisions. I collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure that designs align with product vision and meet business goals.

I created design guidelines and standards for Evolus.com’s products, ensuring consistency across all design elements

I conducted design reviews with cross-functional teams and stakeholders, providing feedback and guidance to ensure designs meet quality standards.

I continuously gathered feedback and iterated on designs to improve user experience and business outcomes.

Product Design

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