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I created a real-time presence system for facebook.

When I login into facebook, I want to feel like my friends are their with me across the app.

I created a new design system for Private Messaging.

The Facebook app needs a messaging layer to feel vibrant and meaningful Discovery of content feels isolating when sharing and conservation canโ€™t easily happen with the right people. Sharing induces anxiety when broadcasting yourself is the only way to do it. Connection feels stale when my close friends donโ€™t feel present in the app and their activity is limited to low-frequency formats like Stories and posts.


Private Messaging

Quick Send Tray

With Quick Send Tray my connections follow me as I experience the app. Sharing is quick, easy and safe.

Chat Overlay

Keep the conversation going by allowing discussion, consumption and new content discovery to co-exist on a single surface.

Visual Inbox

By integrating privately shared content into the Stories experience, we meet people where they are.

Content Keyboard

Easy access to relevant content inside the chat to make the conversation more meaningful and fun. Shared memories help form bonds; unconnected content inspires discussion or joint discovery.

Product Design

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