Helping McDonald's with their digital display, mobile rewards, and visual mapping of systems

 Role: Product Designer

McDonald’s Mobile Rewards:

I was hired as a contractor to help the internal digital products team within McDonald’s design their latest mobile rewards drive-thru experience. Their current Drive-thru menu system was very old, hard to read and not able to interact with the customer.

I took their existing menu and re-designed an experience that was more approachable for a user and allowed for customization based on the time of day. The new design I created also took into account bluetooth and QR capabilities from mobile orders coming through and would recognize the user and personalize the digital menu display with their name and order.

Old Menu:

New System:

McDonald’s Mobile Rewards:

The McDonald’s app new design system had just been rolled out and they need help extending this design to work with QR codes and a new user rewards points system.

I designed flows to handle choosing deals in the mobile app, awarding the user and tracking their points. And finally redeeming that deal with either a QR code and voice code depending on that location’s technology. My focus was on ensuring that McDonald’s customers have a pleasant, consistent and functional experience throughout this entire process.

Interactive Technical Document:

They needed a better way to map out the technology touch points in the drive through experience. I created an interactive technical guide all done and launched via figma.

I built a figma component system so multiple team members could be working on a part of the project and then drop their updated component in when ready. I was able to speed up the time it took for the team to get this project done, and showcased the work in a new interactive format.

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