Helping McDonald's with their digital display, mobile rewards, and visual mapping of systems.

I designed a compelling digital display for McDonald’s drive-thru locations. And conducted user research to identify customer needs and preferences. 

I also created design guidelines and standards for digital displays, ensuring consistency across all McDonald’s drive-thru locations. And internally advocated for a user-centered design practice to ensure that the customer is at the forefront of all design decisions.

I designed reward flows that work with the drive through technology.

The McDonald’s app needed help extending this design to work with QR codes and a new user rewards points system.

I designed flows to handle choosing deals in the mobile app, awarding the user and tracking their points. And finally redeeming that deal with either a QR code and voice code depending on that location’s technology. My focus was on ensuring that McDonald’s customers have a pleasant, consistent and functional experience throughout this entire process.

Product Design

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