Piñata helps you save on everyday expenses and boosts your credit score from paying rent on time.

 Role: Product Designer

Design System

My working alongside the engineering team on the app development was an invaluable experience. We worked to create a set of responsive react components, which had to be carefully tailored to render in both the mobile and web experiences. This process required close collaboration – from problem solving and time management to communication between teams. Overall, it was a challenging yet incredibly rewarding project that enabled us to create seamless app experiences for our users.

The design team’s need for coaching on system thinking and how app design impacts backend code provided an opportunity to better prepare them for future projects. We knew that effective app design required a fundamental understanding of system-level components, something our team had not yet quite grasped. As such, I embarked on an intensive plan to develop and hone their expertise in this area. For example, through the use of workshops, lectures, and hands-on exercises, the design team was able to gain a much deeper understanding of how app designs affect backend code — from coding more efficiently to addressing potential compatibility issues before they emerged. By providing our design team with proper coaching on these crucial skills, I have established a new level of confidence and competence as we move ahead with all app development projects.

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App Screens

Landlord Dashboard

After spending considerable effort on fine-tuning the mobile app, I shifted my attention to creating a visually appealing dashboard design that could be presented in both desktop and mobile versions. The dashboard had to include vital information for users such as prospective tenants, landlords, and property managers. I was determined to build something that accurately displayed data while remaining user-friendly.

Throughout this process, I paid close attention to the design aesthetics and consistently tested across multiple platforms to ensure compatibility. My aim was to create a dashboard interface that combined an eye-catching design with an intuitive display of metrics and analytics.

Early Wireframes

Dashboard View #1

Dashboard View #2

Dashboard View #3