Jason Martell — Senior Product Designer from San Diego,CA

Team leader, and expert in architectural design systems, product innovation & hi-fidelity motion prototyping.

About Me:

At Meta I build architectural design systems that unify features across all the surfaces in the product. This allows me a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of product design, hi-fi prototyping and architectural system design. I use systems thinking to ensure work can have far-reaching impact, and set the vision for the team and company’s creative work. I have a deep understanding of the business impact of my work and communicate the value of research and design to executives.

My Design Philosophy:

Never let the seniority of my position move me away from practicing my passion for what made me great in the first place, the craft of product design. Keeping in touch with my craft has always been very important to me. Not just to keep the connection to what I love about design alive, but to help my team in crunch times and have the tools and skills needed to express myself better. 


I see myself growing as an individual contributor and a leader along three dimensions.


Business Value of Design: 

Getting more visibility with leadership necessitates a deeper understanding of the business and sales/marketing side of things, and how design can help them achieve their goals. This deeper learning comes from more experience in this role, and close collaboration with cross functional teams.

Design Strategy & System Thinking:

Helping the team move beyond project deliverables to systems thinking, putting frameworks and processes in place to facilitate and foster great design thinking, research and collaboration with PM and Engineering.

Teaching, Coaching, Sponsorship:

I feel a responsibility as a design leader to help the next generation of designers succeed. Giving back to the community through teaching and workshops, and helping junior designers on the team grow through coaching and sponsorship will help me further grow as a design leader.

Highlighted Projects

Showcasing 7 Projects


A simple way to build an investment portfolio from rounding-up the change on your purchases.

Role: Co-Founder & Product Designer


A gamer’s wallet that helps young adults build up a savings account from playing their favorite games.

Role: Co-Founder & Product Designer

Budge Money

Helping young adults save money with savings challenges that track their spending progress and compare them against others in their financial range.

Role: Product Designer & System Architect


Piñata is a reward and credit building program for renters where you earn rewards and save on everyday expenses.

Role: Product Designer & System Architect


Using scientific advances to create FDA-approved products and simplify the treatment process with easy access to medical professionals in your area.

Role: Product Designer


McDonald’s needed a better user experience that takes advantage of all the technology available in their drive-through experience.

Role: Interactive Designer

EV Concept UI

EV stealth start-up wants to improve their in-vehicle interactive dashboard and user experience.

Role: Product Designer