Senior Product Designer

Jason Martell

Using design frameworks to build innovative product experiences across digital devices.

About Me

I’m a Senior Product Designer focusing on using design frameworks to create architectural design systems, artificial intelligence features and software as a service.

Design is a team sport. I help translate business strategy into product roadmaps by facilitating collaborative, in-depth conversations with XFN, as well as liaison with engineers to design a great experience.

Here is a glimpse of some of the design thinking I have led to uncover answers to challenging problems and inform product vision – ranging from design sprints to customer journey mapping, and more. Efficient communication is key to productive and fulfilling relationships in a workplace.

Case Studies

Here are a few highlighted case studies from my work as a senior product designer.

Facebook Private Messaging

I aimed to transform how people connect, turning simple chats into memorable, shared moments.

Dreamworks TV and Tablet App

I helped revolutionized the way we experience entertainment by integrating television and tablet devices into a unified, immersive content ecosystem. 

Interaction Design

Here are some of my examples of my work prototyping in Origami and in Figma.

Facebook Friends System

I created an archietcual design system that worked across all key surfaces allowing for real-time glimpse of your friend’s activity.

McDonald's Journey Map

I created detailed interactive journey maps for McDonald’s drive-thru technology touch points to the customer.

Product Design

Here are some of my design files you can open in figma to see my work in action and explore deeper.

Pinata Pay Rent App
Coinstar Fintech App
Evolus App

Design Process

I use a design framework that blends user-centric principles with agile methodologies, focusing on understanding users deeply through research and empathy. By using rapid prototyping and feedback loops, I quickly refine products to ensure they’re both functional and engaging. This approach accelerates development and leads to innovations that genuinely meet user needs.

ChatGPT with Voice Ai

I designed and maintain my own react based responsive Ai app that also has integrated Voice Ai and DALLE-3 for image creation.

Connect ChatGPT to your Email

Here I show you how to connect your personl email throufh to chatGPT to auto answeerr all your emails in a stylwe that is just like you!

Resume + Skills

Figma is at the heart of my design workflow, where I collaborate and iterate to craft interfaces that are as beautiful as they are functional.

AI models allow me to breathe life into these designs with dynamic visuals and animations, enhancing the overall user experience with motion that matters.

Origami Studio rounds out my toolkit, allowing me to delve into complex interactions and ensure that every element is not just visually appealing, but also intuitive and user-friendly. It’s a blend that enables me to create products that people love to use.

Innovation through Product Design

Reach out to discuss your project or role 👍😎🧐

I always enjoying hearing about new opportunities, so please drop me a line and say hello.