Highlighted Projects:

These are my most successful projects and fun interaction design samples below.


As the initial product designer for Acorns, I was constantly using balsamic to wireframe up ideas as we explored them. I would then flush out UX designs in hi-res using photoshop and bootstrap.


My role at Blast allowed me to setup the product development process and pipeline to scale a product to over 1,000,000 Monthly Active Users. I also helped create over 7 new patents.


I explore UX concepts and interaction design from many different subtle changes that focus on shortening the development life cycle.

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Swipe to Vote: I explored interaction design to ingest a stack of updates. 

Explore interaction design to allow a user to like, dislike, or skip a card.


Fitness Tracker App:
Create an interaction dashboard that visualizes exercise performance compared to friends.

This app explored how the UI would carry across many devices all connected.


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Personal Dashboard: Tablet based interaction design with personal dashboard of data 

Explored creative ways to transition data view when the page is scrolled.


Intel Survey UI: Create interaction design that makes answering questions fun.

I ran experiments that proved simple interaction that is "gamified with emotion" allows user to move more quickly through data collection.


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Interactive Data: Using 3D data points to illustrate changes usage across data sets. 

Complex data can be made easier to ingest if a user can "step through it" at their own pace.


See some recent work with clean iOS design.

"Get Stuff Done" App

Got stuff to get done? There's an app for that.

Goal Tracker App

Set personal goals and track your progress.

Interview: Jason Martell on Product Development


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